Glossy Round Christmas  Label Stickers Reindeer Food
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Glossy Round Christmas Label Stickers Reindeer Food

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Make your own homemade goodies.  These cute stickers are ideal for making your own bag of reindeer food.  A christmas tradition where the kids leave some reindeer food out for Rudolph and his friends on chrristmas eve.  Its tradition right!!

Featuring reindeer design with the words reindeer food.

  • White High Gloss Self Adhesive Stickers
  • Stickers are printed onto an A4 sheet of pre cut self adhesive stickers, just peel and stick
  • Please note black outline will not print, this is just to show the shape of the stickers
  • All stickers will be identical
  • Printed output may differ slightly to screen colour
Label Sizes
  • 06 Stickers Per Sheet 88mm diameter
  • 15 Stickers Per Sheet 51mm diameter
  • 24 Stickers Per Sheet 45mm diameter
  • 35 Stickers Per Sheet 37mm diameter

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